Behavior on the golf course


This chapter provides guidelines on the principles according to which golf should be played. If they are observed during the game, all players will be able to achieve the maximum enjoyment of the game. The overriding principle is to respect other users in the field at all times.

Game spirit

Golf is usually played without the supervision of a referee. So the game depends on the player's honesty towards each other and respect for others, as well as how the Rules are applied. All players should behave in a disciplined manner, showing respect and showing sporting behavior at all times, regardless of the importance of competition. This is the interpretation of the sporting spirit of golf.



Players should ensure that when they hit the ball or perform a swing test, no one is too close, especially in a place where they could be hit with a stick, ball, stone, gravel, branch, etc. Players should not play the ball before the group playing in front of them will not be out of range. Before making a hit, players should always warn field workers nearby or in front of them, especially when it could endanger their safety.
The player should immediately alert with a shout when he plays the ball in the direction where there is danger of hitting someone. The traditional warning in these situations is a loud shout: fore! 


Disrupting the game


Players should always be mindful of other players in the field and should not interfere with their game by making unreasonable moves, talking or making unnecessary noise. Players should ensure that electronic devices taken to the golf course do not distract other players. In the tee area, the player should not position his ball to start the game until it is his turn. Players should not stand too close to or behind the ball or directly behind the hole while another player is preparing to hit the ball.

Behavior on the putting green


On the putting green, players should not stand on the putt line of another player or position so that their shadow falls on his putt line when he makes a stroke. Players should remain on or near the putting green until all other players in the group have completed the hole. When playing on or near the putting green, players should leave their bags and carts in such a place as to allow them to quickly withdraw from the putting green toward the next hole's tee. Players should ensure that there is no surface damage left on the putting green due to stick bags or flags placed on it. To avoid damaging the hole itself, players and caddies should not stand too close to it, and should be careful when removing and inserting flags into the hole and removing the ball from the hole. Please do not remove the ball from the hole with the clubhead. Players should not lean on their clubs when they are on the putting green, especially when removing the ball from the hole. The flag must be properly placed back in the hole before players leave the putting green. Use common sense, be respectful, and fix your divots for the next player(s).


Counting results


During stroke play, the player keeping score for another player, if and when necessary, should consult with their player on the total number of strokes from the previous hole and record it… (after the hole is finished, and on the way to the next hole's tee)


The pace of the game

Players should be ready to play as soon as it's their turn. Play at a reasonable pace and do not delay the game.
The committee can set a game schedule that all players should follow. If a group falls behind with more than one entire hole between them and the next group, they should allow the group behind it to go ahead.


Lost ball/Play-through


If a player thinks his or her ball may be lost in the water hazard or out of bounds, he or she should play a provisional ball for the purpose of saving time. Players looking for their ball should signal the players from the previous group to pass them if the ball is too difficult to find quickly. Players who are looking for their ball are not required to wait the full 3 minutes for searching for it, in order to signal/flag the next group to, “play-through”. After the previous group plays through, they should not restart until the group passes a safe distance, beyond the range of impact/danger.


Caring for the field


Before leaving the bunker, players should carefully complete and level out all unevenness and shoe marks made by them, as well as all others nearby, made by others. If there are rakes within a reasonable distance from the bunker, use them.Players should carefully repair any surface defects caused by hitting their club. When all players in the group have finished playing the hole, the putting green damage caused by shoes should also be repaired.Players should not unduly damage the field by knocking out the turf during their practice swing, or hitting the club head against the ground for any reason. Local regulations governing the movement of golf carts should be strictly observed.



If players follow these instructions, the game will bring more pleasure to us all. If during a round, or for a part of the round, the player stubbornly fails to follow these guidelines, it can be recommended that the Committee consider disciplinary action against that player. Such steps may include, (but are not limited to), i.e., a ban on playing for a certain duration of time, or a ban on participating in a certain number of tournaments. This would be considered justified by the interests of everyone. In the event of something more serious, the Committee may disqualify the player in accordance with Rule 33-7.