Of the Silesian Golf Club
in Siemianowice Śląskie
 § 1

1. The Silesian Golf Club in Siemianowice Śląskie hereinafter referred to as the Club,
 is a voluntary, self-governing and permanent association for non-profit purposes.
2. The Club has the right to use the name "The SILESIAN GOLF CLUB"
3. The Club operates on the basis of the provisions of the Law on Associations
 (Journal of Laws of 1989, No. 20, item 104, as amended) and the provisions of these 
 statutes and has a legal entity

 § 2
The area of the Club's operation is the area of the Republic of Poland and its seat is the city  
 Siemianowice Śląskie. The Club may also operate outside of the Republic of Poland to 
 properly fulfil its goals.
2. The Club may be a member of domestic, foreign and international organizations with
 a similar purpose. 

  § 3
The goal of the club is:
1. Conducting the educational activity in the field of physical culture and sport, in particular
 the dissemination and promotion of golf among children, youth and adults,
2. Creating social infrastructure and technical facilities, including the 
 construction of a clubhouse,
3. Construction, maintenance and conservation of a golf course,
4. Creating and strengthening social bonds between club members and their families on the
 background of common interests in go

 § 4
The Club bases its activities on the social work of its members.
To conduct some matters related to the implementation of their goals the Club may also hire employees

 § 5
The Club pursues its goals in particular through:
 - conducting educational activities in the field of popularization and promotion of playing
 - collecting financial and material resources for the construction of a golf course,
 its maintenance, conservation and construction of the club pavilion,
 - providing access to a golf course, other club facilities and equipment to its members
 and their families and third parties on the terms established by the Club Board,
 - members' participation in all projects and activities of the Club, and in training and social
 - initiating and organizing contacts and undertaking cooperation with domestic and foreign 
 entities to exchange experience and popularize golf.

§ 6
1. Any able-bodied person may be a legal member of the club, and not deprived
 of their rights. Any person can also be a member of the Club, subject to paragraph 3.
2. Young people aged 16-18 may belong to the Club and use active and passive electoral law,
 except that they must form the majority in the Club Board persons with full legal capacity.
3. Legal persons may be exclusive members supporting the Club. A legal person with
 headquarters abroad can also be a supportive member.
4. Natural persons without Polish nationality and without a place residing in the territory of  
 the Republic of Poland may apply for membership in the Club on the terms set out in § 8  
 p. 2 of the Statute.
5. Children and adolescents under 16 years of age - with parental or legal guardian consent. 
 statutory - they can be members of the Club however; they are not entitled to active and 
 passive voting rights to the Club authorities and the right to vote at general meetings of  
 Club member

§ 7
Club Members are divided into:
 - Founding Members,
 - Ordinary Members,
 - Supporting Members,
 - Honorary Members.

  § 8
1. The Founding Members are natural persons who have made a declaration in the matter of
 founding the Club, adopted the Statute and elected the founding committee.
2. An Ordinary Member may be a natural person who:
 - made a declaration expressing the will to belong to the Club,
 - received the recommendation of at least two members of the Club 
3. Anyone can be a supporting member of the Club. A supporting person may also be
 a natural person referred to in § 6 p. 4 of the Statute. Supporting Members are not 
 entitled to active and passive voting rights. At the general meeting of Club members, they 
 are only entitled to an advisory vote.
4. Anyone may become an honorary member of the Club, especially 
 distinguished for the development and activity of the Club, which will be granted this title  
 by resolution of the General Meeting. 
5. Ordinary and supportive membership is acquired by accepting an application by the Club 
 Board by an ordinary majority of votes

 § 9
1. Loss of Club membership occurs as a result of:
 - death of a member,
 - waiver of membership
 - removal from the list of members due to failure to pay the annual membership fee
 by April 30 of a given year,
 - exclusion from the Club due to acts to the detriment of the Club or gross violation of 
 the Statute,
 - Club solutions.
2. Decisions regarding removal from the list of members and exclusion from the Club are 
 taken by the Management Board. Members may appeal against these decisions to the 
 General Meeting within 14 days from the date of delivery of the decision.

§ 10
1. The Founding Member and ordinary member of the Club has the right to:
 - exercising the active and the passive electoral rights to the Club authorities with 
 restrictions resulting from the provisions of § 6 p. 2 of the Statute,
 - participate in the general meeting of Club members.
 - participation in meetings of the Club Management Board at which matters related to its 
 membership is considered,
 - use of the sport on the golf course and other equipment belonging to the Club on the
 principles established by the Management Board,
 - submitting motions and demands regarding the Club's activities.
2. A Supporting Member has the right to participate in the general meeting of the Club  
 members in an advisory capacity and to exercise the rights listed in item 1, item 3-5

§ 11
1. The Founding Member and ordinary member of the Club is obliged to:
 - pay the registration fee and regular payment of membership fees in the amount and 
 within the time limits set by the Management Board,
 - compliance with the provisions of the statute and resolutions of the general meeting and  
 the Management Board,
 - active participation in the implementation of the club's statutory objectives.
 - the type and scope of duties of supporting members are determined each time by the 
 Management Board individually for each membe

 § 12
1. The club's General Meeting is the Club's highest authority.
2. An Ordinary General Meeting of Members is convened by the Club Board at least once 
 a year.
3. Based on its resolution, at the request of the Audit Committee or 1/3 of the Club 
 Members, the management board is obliged to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting 
 within 1 month.
4. For the validity of the general meeting convened on the first date, the presence of at least 
 half of the Club's Members is required. If this requirement is not met, the Club Board  
 decides on the validity of the proceedings, the general meeting convened on the second 
 date, regardless of the number of Club members participating in it.
5. Resolutions of the general meeting are adopted by an ordinary majority of votes.

 § 13
General Meeting:
1. Adopts the club's programs of activity,
2. Elects and dismisses the President of the Club Board,
3. Elect and dismiss other Members of the Club Board.
4. Selects and dismisses the Club Audit Committee,
5. Approves the reports on the activities of the Management Board, balance sheets on the 
 Club's economic activities and adopts resolutions on granting discharge to the 
 Management Board,
6. Adopts resolutions on the loss of Club membership as a result of the dismissal of Club 
 members from the Management Board's decision,
7. Approves the reports of the Audit Committee,
8. Adopts resolutions on amendments to the Club's Statute and dissolution of the Club,
9. Gives honorary membership of the Club,
10. Adopts resolutions on other matters of fundamental importance to the Club

§ 14
1. The Management Board is the club's management and executive body.
 It manages the activities of the Club, makes decisions for its purpose in accordance with the
 assumptions set out in the Statute and the principles of proper economy, in particular:
 a) undertakes actions aimed at achieving the club's statutory objectives, based on the  
 program of activities and other resolutions of the general meeting.
 b) examines the declarations of candidates for Club members and makes decisions on 
 admission to the Club or issues decisions refusing admission,
  c) defines the type and scope of duties of members supporting the Club,
 d) decides to remove from the list of Club members or exclude members from the Club
  e) sets the amount and deadlines for paying the entry fee and membership fees,
 f) makes decisions regarding the business of the Club,
 g) concludes and terminates employment contracts with Club employees,
  h) convene general meetings of the Club members.
2. The term of office of the Management Board is four years.
3. The Management Board consists of at least five members elected by the general meeting of 
 the Club in a secret ballot. The Management Board is headed by the President.
4. Once a year, the Management Board shall submit a report on its activities to the general
 meeting of Club members and submit for approval a balance sheet on economic activities.
5. Resolutions of the Management Board are adopted by a simple majority of votes in the 
 presence of at least half of its members. In the event of an equal number of votes, the vote 
 of the President shall prevail, and if the President of the Management Board does not 
 attend the meeting - the vote of his Deputy.
6. If the composition is incomplete, the Management Board may co-opt new members, 
 however no more than two during the term of office.

 § 15
To represent the Club and make declarations of will regarding property rights and obligations, the cooperation of two members of the Management Board is required, including the President, his Deputy and Treasurer or Secretary. Plenipotentiaries are appointed by the Management Board, specifying the scope of their authorization

.§ 16
1. The Audit Committee is an internal control body and supervises the compliance of the Club 
 Board's activities with the law and the provisions of the Statute.
2. The tasks of the Audit Committee include in particular:
 a) current and periodic control of the financial activity of the Management Board,
 b) examining the balance sheet of the Club's economic activity,
 c) requesting that the Management Board convene an extraordinary general meeting,
 d) consideration of complaints and requests of Club members,
 e) requesting the Club members to be granted discharge to the Management Board at the 
 General Meeting.
3. The audit committee consists of three members elected by the general meeting in a secret 
 ballot. In the event of a decrease in the composition, the Commission may co-opt a new 
 member into its ranks, however not more than two during the term of office.
4. The term of office of the Audit Committee is four years.
5. The work of the Audit Committee is managed by its chairman appointed by the members of 
 the Committee. Resolutions of the commission are adopted by a majority of votes in full composition.
6. The audit committee shall submit annual reports on its activities at the General Meeting 
 of Club Members.
§ 17
The club's assets are created
1. From membership fees,
2. From subsidies, donations, inheritances and bequests,
3. From income from own business activity,
4. From the interest rate on the Club's funds accumulated on bank accounts,
5. From public offering,
6. From other inflows and revenues.

§ 18
The Club may conduct business activities in sizes to achieve its statutory objectives, 
 on the principles set out in separate regulations.
2. Income from business activities may only be used to achieve statutory objectives and may
 not be distributed among Club Members.
3. As part of its business operations, the Club may create establishments, commercial law
 companies and participate in other business ventures.

 § 19
1. The dissolution of the Club may occur based on a resolution of the General Meeting 
 adopted by a simple majority of votes with the participation of at least half of the club's 
2. The liquidators are members of the Management Board.
3. At the same time as the resolution to dissolve the Club, the general meeting will determine 
 the purpose for which the club's assets are intended.

§ 20
The Statute may be amended by a resolution of the General Meeting of Club Members, adopted by a simple majority of votes

 § 21
In matters not regulated in the Statute, the provisions of the Act of 7 April 1989 Law 
on Associations shall apply (Journal of Laws No. 20, item 104 as amended).
§ 22

The statute was adopted by the founding members of the Club on October 20, 1994 
in Siemianowice Śląskie and supplemented by the provisions of Resolution No. 1 of the
General Meeting of Club Members on December 12. 1995